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Community Living North Bay (CLNB) is looking for  a visionary leader with a community service focus. Our organization is committed to improving the lives of those living with intellectual disabilities in North Bay and the region. We provide a client-centered range of services, support and advocacy to individuals, children and families, assisting them to live, work, contribute to and participate effectively in their community. 

Located in North Bay, beside beautiful Lake Nipissing, CLNB is part of a caring community with a healthy environment for working, living and raising a family. The festivals and activities in North Bay, along with well-planned neighbourhoods, college, university and a business friendly environment make coming to North Bay a preferred place to live and work.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is a successful leader that has a track record and reputation for maintaining and building a harmonious organizational culture, is creative in the area of financial sustainability while being committed to improving the lives of those living with an intellectual disability.

The Executive Director of CLNB is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan for an organization with approximately 300 staff and 18.5 million budget. An excellent communicator and relationship builder, you will build lasting and cooperative relationships with all stakeholders including individuals and families utilizing it's services, employees, union representatives, the Board, and our local, regional and provincial government and community partners.


  • Post Secondary education in a related Health and Social Service field, business/administration or related discipline with applicable professional designation or a combination of related equivalent education and experience.

  • Minimum ten (10) years working in a related Health, Social and Community Service field or Not For-Profit field with at least five (5) years in senior management.

  • The requisite senior management capability to lead a community-based, client centered service organization in the development, communication and implementation of strategy and plans to achieve CLNB's mission and goals.

  • Strong human resource and financial management skills and effectively managing change.

  • Experience in the areas of innovation, taking calculated risks and building effective partnerships.

  • Able to play a central role in major fundraising initiatives and major ‘asks’ with knowledge of fundraising strategies and donor relations unique to the non-profit sector.

  • Political acuity to manage a complex network of intergovernmental relationships.

  • Experience with good governance principles and can appropriately support, collaborate with and motivate Board members, staff and volunteers.

  • Transparent and high integrity leadership.

  • Speaking French an asset.

To receive more information about this position, please go to  or To contact Evelyn Dean or submit your resume and covering letter by no later than January 7, 2022, email  We look forward to your inquiries.

Community Living North Bay embraces diversity and encourages all qualified candidates to apply. Should you require accommodation in the recruitment process, we will work with you to meet your needs.

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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                                                         COMMUNITY LIVING  NORTH BAY


Community Living North Bay (CLNB) provides a range of services through their stated vision of a community where all citizens thrive, are respected and valued.  The Organization's services are guided by the principles of ensuring basic needs are met in a safe and secure environment, services are adaptable and promote community inclusion, are based on supporting self determination, empowerment and educate and support the vision of an inclusive community. 

The Executive Director (ED) of Community Living North Bay (CLNB), has overall responsibility for the general management of, and control over, the businesses, activities and other affairs of CLNB, in accordance with the Ends, Executive Limitations, strategies, plans and policies, approved by the Board. The ED does so by leading and managing CLNB through the development and implementation, evaluation and reporting of results regarding Ends, strategies and policies and the management of its human, financial and physical assets.


Management and Leadership 

  • Provides leadership to the Board and members of the senior management team to ensure the efficient, economical and effective organization and administration of all services as determined by the by-laws of Community Living North Bay (CLNB), the effective and efficient implementation of the Board's Ends, policies and programs that are in line with strategic priorities and executive limitations.

  • Ensures that effective financial management, physical resource management, human resource management, risk management and compliance  systems are in place and meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.

  • Ensures that information systems management, Health and Safety planning, policies and procedures are in place and effectively implemented and monitored.

  • Provides leadership of the development, review and monitoring of the strategic plan and annual budgets (operating and capital) as linked to CLNB's strategic directions.

  • Directs and monitors the performance of all the services/departments against the strategic plan/budgets; reviews variance reports and initiates corrective action where necessary and submits to the Board on a regular basis an analysis of progress in achieving Ends within Executive Limitations to enable the Board to monitor compliance.

  • Identifies the grants and other fundraising and revenue generating strategies or opportunities that may become available in helping CLNB to meet its Ends and strategic goals and oversees the implementation of the approved strategy and reports on results.

  • Directs periodic reviews of CLNB's structure, programs and services and initiates organizational, management and communication changes as required and reports the outcome of these reviews to the Board along with recommended actions. 

  • Establishes the terms of reference for corporate wide continuous quality improvement initiatives/projects and implements and reports on results.

  • Ensures the coordination/cooperation among departments; provides effective problem-solving/decision making advice to the members of the Senior Management Team.

  • Directs senior staff in the development, implementation, evaluation and reporting of results of all plans and programs regarding the development and improvement of all corporate property, resources and facilities.

  • For the purposes of advocacy, develops and recommends to the Board, a comprehensive program of governmental relations to promote and secure the interests of CLNB and the clients and community it serves.

  • Identifies and tracks best practices and trends/advances in the field (i.e. Community Living Ontario) in providing services for citizens with an intellectual disability and their families and creating a supportive and accepting community, aligned with Community Living Ontario .

  • Coordinates all contracted legal services by CLNB; oversees claims settlement and litigation with recommendation to the Board on cost effective resolutions.

  • Utilizing the senior staff, tracks pertinent legislation and regulatory changes impacting on CLNB operations and administration and updates the Board from time to time.

  • Ensures the effective delivery and reporting of all human resources related activities such as hiring and recruitment, employee relations, talent and performance management, training and development, health and safety, etc., that will attract and retain high caliber staff to meet short and long term staffing and organizational requirements.  Ensures legislative compliance and establishes a positive climate of employee and labour relations.

  • Negotiates union and non union agreements concerning wages, salaries and working conditions. 

Board Support

  • Assists the Board to develop and/or update Ends, long term strategies, goals and priorities in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors.

  • Reviews and approves all materials and documentation prepared for members of the Board, and ensures the provision of administrative support for the Board and Board committees.

  • Provides education, business, technical and governance advice to members of the Board regarding decisions and actions requiring their approval.

  • Communicates effectively with the Board and provides, in a timely, transparent and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.

  • Updates the Board and the senior management team through periodic reporting throughout the year on how CLNB is meeting its Ends and strategic priorities as established by the Board.

Communications/Community Partnerships

  • Facilitates the development and implementation of an ongoing comprehensive proactive communication strategy within the organization and in the broader community.

  • Facilitates the development, implementation and evaluation of marketing/promotion initiatives to inform the broader community about the services of CLNB and enhancing its image and visibility.

  • Establishes and maintains effective liaisons and positive relationships with government agencies, network of counterparts in other areas of the Province, the business community and the broader community and organizations.  Seeks out and maintains effective partnerships to meet the needs of its clients.

  • Represents CLNB with clients, individual citizens, community groups/associations, special interest groups, related government funders and the written and electronic media. 


  • Degree in a related Health and Social Service field, business/administration or related discipline with applicable professional designation or a combination of related equivalent education and experience.

  • Minimum ten (10) years working in a related Health and Social and Community Service field or Not For-Profit field with at least five (5) years in senior management.

  • Highly skilled and poised communicator; able to communicate effectively with business leaders, government, users of the services, Board and volunteers, employees and associations, the general public and the media. Strong skills in negotiation.

  • Demonstrated understanding/skills in areas such as, provision of services to those with intellectual disabilities or other special needs, related health, social and community or educational  services that are focused on being adaptable and promote community inclusion, supporting self determination and empowerment and educate and support the vision of an inclusive community.

  • Thorough knowledge of related legislation and provincial policies/directions relative to the provision of community and support services and related support services for those with intellectual disabilities and the not for-profit sector.

  • Strategic and operational planning, finance or business administration, risk management and quality service improvement initiatives.

  • Working knowledge of all aspects of Human Resource Management and related legislation, health and safety, coaching, staff development and motivation. Working effectively with unions.

  • Successful track record of achieving organizational, administrative, financial and customer service excellence along with effectively managing change. 

  • Demonstrated ability to lead a complex, dynamic and multi-disciplinary team environment. 

  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically and manage tactically.

  • Ability to deal effectively and professionally in all aspects of the position; to work effectively at fostering good rapport and cooperative working relationships; building effective partnerships in the community and to undertake advocacy and champion the organization's vision and values.

  • Experience working with or serving on Boards and working with Volunteers.

  • Bilingualism is an asset.

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