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Principal of E. Dean & Associates

Evelyn Dean is a senior executive consultant with expertise in the area of Organizational Change, Public Sector Management, Human Resource Management, Health, Community and Social Services and Board operated agencies.

She has a successful track record in helping organizations restructure, amalgamate and/or redesign services by providing strong change management, human resource support and leadership. Working with senior executives, Boards and Councils she has helped them to implement effective,  efficient and sustainable departmental and corporate results based business plans, programs and services through a collaborative and team based approach.

Her senior management and executive experience in local, regional and territorial governments as Manager, Director, Vice President and Assistant Deputy Minister, has provided her with an excellent working knowledge of the financial, service and human resource issues related to improving organizational and business effectiveness.

We work with a variety of skilled professional Associates that bring the expertise as needed to meet our client needs.   

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E. Dean & Associates assists organizations to improve their overall business and service effectiveness and efficiency in a team based, collaborative and innovative manner.

We bring over 25 years of consulting experience in helping organizations to manage and implement change effectively. We assist you to review your organization and services in order to identify strategic opportunities, services and resources.

We provide our services in a manner that: 

  • Supports your organizational values and beliefs

  • Provides the organization with tools and approaches that builds on the strengths of your organization and maximizes the tools you have in place, and

  • Provides integrated approaches that do not require ongoing consultant support.

Depending on the needs and scale of the projects, we work with a range of  professional Associates that bring a variety of specialized skill and expertise as required.

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